Sonus Technologies

Secure, Flexible, Affordable IT solutions for your business and family

How many times do you need to delete an email on your laptop, then delete it again on your smartphone?  Or add the same appointment to your laptop, smartphone, and tablet?  

Sonus moves your email to the cloud, allowing seamless integration across all your devices.  Make the change once, it shows up everywhere.

With our cloud migration service, your business stays open 24 X 7 X 365 whether the physical office is open or not.  Regardless of where you are, you only need an internet connection to access all your systems and files.  

email across all devices

access anywhere, anytime

Sonus provides a variety of security solutions, including anti-virus, anti-malware, and secure VPN connections for cloud access.  Whatever your needs, we fortify your data so you have one less thing to worry about.

we protect, you grow

we manage your it needs, you manage your business

we keep your technology current

protect your business from lost data

‚ÄčThe lifespan of a laptop and peripheral equipment can be as short as three years, normally averaging five.  Planning a technology refresh can be a monumental task, including researching the correct scope of equipment, doing a mass purchase, staging, configuring, and testing all of the computers, and finally rolling out everything across your organization.  

Sonus Technologies experts conduct an audit of your current capabilities, deliver a phased refresh plan, stage all equipment offsite, and execute the install at your site during off business hours.  You simply come in the next workday and turn on your equipment.

Cloud solutions and services

IT issues are a constant interruption to your business, causing you lost time and money while you urgently troubleshoot the issue rather than taking customer calls or complete tasks already outlined for the day.  

Sonus technicians provide remote and onsite support for many of your technology needs, such as computer troubleshooting, peripheral installs, and network connectivity resolution.  

Every business needs technology to succeed.  It starts with office computers and a printer, followed by a basic network, a central storage server, anti-virus, emails, websites, etc.  These requirements continue to grow and evolve in complexity and cost.  Suddenly, you need to maintain backups, sync emails across several devices, keep working on the website, clean an infected computer, and what happens when inclement weather closes the office?

Sonus Technologies offers IT solutions across multiple platforms (Apple, Microsoft, etc.) to simplify your office and let you focus on growing your business rather than wondering if last night's backup was successful.  We grow as you grow, providing all the IT support your require.

More than 50% of small businesses experience a devastating data loss such as a crashed drive, stolen computer, or security breach, with many of them taking months or years to recover.  

Sonus delivers a complete automated backup solution for all your computers, securely saving your critical data.