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internet failover for your business

Rural internet service

Although the carriers state their signal is getting stronger across the country, there are too many locations where signal remains weak.  Further, the structures of many homes and buildings limits signal penetration, tower locations are more distant in rural areas, and our need for cellular signal continues to grow.  

We provide multiple signal amplification solutions, flexible to your needs and ranging from single home dwellings to large estates or campuses.  

The internet service you need, where you need it.  Whether you have a weak or strong cellular signal, we can potentially deliver high speed internet service to you, ranging from a solution as simple as our router, to a complete and robust network install.

On the road frequently with a need to check in at the office?  A strong desire to keep the kids occupied while you focus on the drive?  A houseboat on a mountain lake?  A horse trailer?  A contractor that needs to pull up plans at a job site?  Need the internet to support a POS system at your portable kiosk?

Sonus moves the internet to you, keeps it with you, and provides automatic switching between multiple cellular carriers to ensure you stay connected with speed and stability.  

Cellular signal amplification solutions

Your business is heavily reliant on the internet, and you lose revenue anytime it is down.  

Sonus internet service can be used as the failover for those difficult times, automatically engaging when your primary internet service falters.  We also provide additional security solutions, including VPN, firewalls, internet security, multiple network creation, and remote management.

internet and cellular solutions

Mobile Internet Service

Your home, weekend retreat, and/or business is off the beaten path.  Cable or fiber internet is nowhere near your location, so you resolve yourself to using what is left.  Normally that means satellite or a local point-to-point solution, which delivers: maximum download speeds of approximately 10Mbps, data throttling (streaming a movie takes all your bandwidth), extreme latency issues that preclude leveraging the advantages of cloud solutions, and restrictive data management issues that leave you frozen if you breach your purchased monthly data allotment.

Our internet solution is cellular-based using advanced technology to bring high speed internet to your home or business.  Currently, our service normally provides:

  • 20 Mbps or higher download speeds
  • Robust broadband and throughput - stream a move, download a large file, and conduct business all at the same time
  • No data throttling - flexible data plans that keep you connected
  • No satellite latency

All you need is a cellular signal, no matter how strong.  We have a variety of solutions to get you connected faster.